Youth Development

In this context, the Foundation has practically embarked on youth development which led to: The establishment by the Rivers State Government of an institute of social development geared towards the training of youths in various vocational and technical skills such as Agriculture, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Cinematography, Choreography, Arts, Carpentry, Welding/Fabrication, Auto-mechanic, Driving, etc. and resulted in the establishment of the state government of the Social Development Institute (SDI) at Okehi, Etche Local Government Area under the Rivers State Social Rehabilitation Committee (RSSRC) headed by Chief A.K. Horsfall.

The A.K. Horsfall Foundation has over the years given scholarships to various indigent undergraduate students and a few secondary school students. This programme is potentially effective but had been limited in scope due to the paucity of funds which has so far come primarily from Chief A.K. Horsfall.