Health Care

The Foundation is also focused on providing specialized medical attention in the Niger Delta region. This will be in the areas of communicable diseases and other ailments rampant in the Niger Delta region such as guinea worm, tuberculosis, etc. For this purpose our ultimate objective is to have a specialized hospital for: Free medical care, first of all for indigent members of this region Research purposes. A medical centre of excellence will be developed and equipped, which will be named; AKH MEDICAL RESEARCH CENTRE.

This research centre will be managed by competent and qualified personnel who shall each year determine the number and scope of free medical services it can reasonably accommodate and offer same to indigent persons in the catchment area of the riverine areas of the Niger Delta with particular emphasis on Rivers and Bayelsa states. AK Horsfall Foundation Health Care programs include: Medical Care A.K. Horsfall Foundation will sponsor health camps in remote locations (other than the catchment area) and will arrange for medical teams, medical supplies and medicines to benefit the poor.

Preventive Health Care Education The key to cost-effective health care management is prevention, which can only be accomplished through health care education. In rural areas, diseases are rampant due to lack of hygiene and proper education or understanding of common diseases. A.K. Horsfall Foundation will develop simple and easy-to-understand informational brochures on common diseases such as guinea worm, tuberculosis, etc.

Information in these brochures will answer questions such as: What are the symptoms of these diseases? What are the causes for these diseases? What steps can be taken to prevent and cure these diseases? And more...

Offer support grant to qualified and competent Post Graduate Research Students in areas of ailments and diseases endemic in the riverine areas. Encourage academic excellence in the faculties of medicine of Universities in catchments areas by supporting the endowment of professorial chairs.

Promote academic excellence in the faculties of medicine in the catchment area by instituting prize awards to deserving students.