Peace And Security

To advance the course of peace and tranquility especially in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria and by extension to other parts of the country. To do this, it has embarked and shall continue to embark on promoting peaceful co-existence among Nigerian citizens. To begin with, when in 2003 the issue of youth militancy promoted by bad politician in authority at that time the leadership of the foundation came out with a categorical statement widely circulated in the media, condemning the issue of violence, calling a seminar of: Various political parties in Rivers State, The police, Media, Security services; and other relevant and notable persons to discuss the issue of insecurity and the need for all concerned to practice democratic responsible political practice towards the envisaged general election of 2003.

Following those issues, we took several steps to advance the course of peace and concord throughout the Niger Delta region and particularly in Rivers State. The foundation is responsible for promoting a bi-annual Chief A.K. Horsfall Intelligence Lectures where notable internal figures are invited to deliver lectures on topical issues which have been held regularly since 2009. The A.K. Horsfall Foundation under the leadership of Chief A.K. Horsfall brokered sustainable peace and security in Buguma City of Asari-Toru Local Government when law and order broke down in that city resulting in youth violence, indiscriminate killing and maiming of members of that community resulting in the sack of that community following that incident. As a consequence, a peace accord under the aegis of

Chief A.K. Horsfall was held in which the various issues were discussed by all responsible members of the community, an accord was signed and peace returned to the community with those who fled returning to settle down in their home peacefully. This also resulted in the setting up of a co-operative venture in Buguma City styled Save Kalabari Youths Buguma Initiative (SKY-BIN) to provide training, social orientation and youth movement such as Boys’ Brigade, Boys’ Scout etc’, extra-moral education, computer training, etc.

In the pursuit of the same objective the A.K. Horsfall Foundation through its leadership in the person of Chief A.K. Horsfall proposed to the Governor of Rivers State who accepted his proposal for setting up of a state peace and reconciliation committee under the chairmanship of Chief A.K. Horsfall which embarked on promoting peace, training, reorienting and rehabilitating youths following the violence and lawlessness by youths which started in Rivers State in the year 2000 and eventually engulfed the length and breadth of the Niger Delta region.