Throughout history, the value of education has been universally well-recognized as a fundamental human right. Education not only opens doors of opportunity to a better living standard, it also broadens our views about world affairs and social norms around the world, helping us become more tolerant and law-abiding citizens. Illiteracy is not caused by a lack of intelligence; rather it is often a result of outside factors that can be addressed.

A.K. Horsfall Foundation strives to focus on Educational programs as one of its primary objectives since we strongly believe that most social ills are a direct result of lack of education.

The Foundation will pursue vigorously its aim of providing nursery, primary, secondary, vocational and higher education to outstanding students and also to students who are not in position to continue their education because of financial constraints.

THE FOUNDATION shall encourage educational advancement in the Rivers and Bayelsa States and other parts of the Niger Delta by: Support grants and endowments to the SE-KURO OF KALABARI INSTITUTE to facilitate access to modern systems of learning, science and technological skills acquisition. Encouraging academic excellence in the catchment area by instituting scholarships and prize awards.

Facilitating institutional growth and excellence through support grants for exchange programmes between the SE-KURO OF KALABARI INSTITUTE and other centres of excellence within or outside Nigeria.

This objective will become realizable as the foundation grows in scope and internal and external donors become attracted to supporting the objectives of the foundation.