Christian Religious Centre

We intend to establish an Ecumenical Christian Centre for Arts, Music and Christian teaching to be styled; CHRIST THE LIVING KING CHAPEL AND ECUMENICAL CENTRE. This Centre Shall Be A Non Denominational Institution To: Promote praise and worship of the living God Sponsor/host conferences, seminars and workshops to promote the understanding of the Word of God.

Sponsor/host annual religious choral music competition with special awards to deserving participants. Sponsor/host or assist in funding talented persons to attain academic and professional scholarship and training in the field of choral, organ, etc. music.

To establish a school of music with the mandate to encourage the learning of choral, etc. and religious music. To establish, equip and maintain a standing choir/orchestra for performances at the centre and elsewhere.

Promote evangelical activities of the Christian Faith among the people of the Niger Delta area particularly in the Rivers and Bayelsa States and other parts of the Niger Delta region. Organize a bi-annual Christian Revival Crusade, inviting well-established Ministers of God.

The centre shall conduct periodical twenty four-hour retreat and prayer meeting open to all Ministers and Christians with special emphasis on the catchment’s area.

Promote inter religious harmony. Promote peace through dialogue and Christian counseling at times of conflicts and crisis especially in the catchment area.